Petition For Medical Freedom

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President Donald J. Trump
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest
Washington, D.C. 20500

Vice President Mike Pence
Vice President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest
Washington, D.C. 20500

Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn, MD
Commissioner of Food and Drugs
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20993-002

Commissioner Joseph J. Simons
Chairman of the 5 FTC Commissioners
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

Governors of all 50 States and of each US Territory

To: President Trump, Vice President Pence, Commissioner Hahn, Commissioner Simons and to each of the Governors

The people of the United States of America need your help to reduce the death rate and the suffering from this Covid-19 pandemic.  We know this is possible because other countries hard-hit by Covid-19 (like Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and India) have a MUCH lower death rate than we do in the USA.  It is known from multiple research studies and clinical experience that earlier pre-hospital treatment with already-approved pharmaceuticals and/or select nutrients show the greatest chance of quick recovery.  Unfortunately, “Right to Try” for patients, along with the patient/physician relationship, has been blocked by the actions of governors or other bureaucrats in the governments.  Various agencies, such as the FDA, FTC, CDC, NIH, state licensing boards and state pharmacy boards have inserted themselves between the physicians of this country and their patients who are seeking treatment for Covid-19 illness.  

Physicians have been trained for years and know their patients better than any federal or state agencies. Physicians should have the right to treat their patients as they see fit and as they have clinically assessed each individual, without governmental interference or fear of retribution. 

Recently the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent cease-and-desist letters to hundreds of licensed doctors across the country.  These physicians are being threatened with legal action from the FTC if they discuss with patients, or anyone, what they have researched, discovered, and experienced as beneficial for patients with COVID-19 illness.  The FTC is therefore practicing medicine without a license, which disrupts the patient/physician decision-making process.

Governors, often covertly in conjunction with state pharmacy boards, have made it very difficult or impossible, for patients to get filled their Covid-19 prescriptions, which are written by physicians properly-licensed by their state medical boards.  Such governors and pharmacy boards are inserting themselves into the patient-physician relationship. 

There have been statements made to the media and the public by representatives of the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration that U.S. doctors should not treat Covid-19 outpatients prior to the completion of randomized, controlled trials (RCT) showing the benefit of outpatient treatment of Covid-19. 

The role of the FDA is to approve a medication’s safety for public use. It is not to dictate or mandate restricted use through inquisition of a physician’s clinical judgement. Roughly 25% of all prescriptions written by physicians in the USA are written “off label” or, in other words, written for uses other than the use for which the FDA originally approved the drug as safe for use.  Also, physicians in some states are now having their medical license challenged by their medical licensing board concerning their off-label use of drugs to treat Covid-19.  This then requires physicians to have to spend their time and money to defend their license.  These medical board attacks should not be happening since the physicians are just trying to prevent their patients from hospitalization, possible mechanical ventilation and death.

I, the undersigned, request that the following be done immediately to save American lives and reduce unnecessary patient suffering (which includes psychological and economic suffering): 

  1. The Governor of my state and the President of the USA to each sign Executive Orders to stop interference in the physician-patient relationship by any agent or agencies related to the state or federal governments.  
  2. The U.S. government to immediately stop the censorship by the FDA, FTC, Google, Youtube, Face Book, Twitter, and other internet media outlets concerning possible prevention of Covid-19 or treatments for Covid-19 illness. It is the right of every American to be able to express their own opinion (freedom of the press and speech). 
  3. Governors, via executive orders, to prohibit their medical board or pharmacy board from attacking a physician solely on the basis of “off label use” of a drug for Covid-19 illness or prevention (“Right to Try”). 
  4. Federal, state and local administrative authorities to stop restricting medications prescribed by physicians based on their clinical judgement to treat or prevent coronavirus illness as they deem appropriately necessary. 

I urgently request these issues be resolved immediately for all Americans (all patients and all of their physicians).  Please remove the obstacles interfering with the care of thousands across this nation. At least allow all patients in the USA to have the “Right to Try.”


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