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Petition for HZA Outpatient Covid-19 Tx v5

Petition for: HZ+A Protocol
(Treatment Protocol #1 for Covid-19 Outpatients)

Background: The death rate from Covid-19 is still higher in the USA than in several other countries (such as Japan, India, Taiwan & Singapore). There is good evidence that the death rate in the USA could be reduced by providing more effective care for outpatients with Covid-19 before they become ill enough to require hospitalization. Research from several sources (1,2,3,4) suggest that the combination of Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and optional Azithromycin (HZ+A Protocol) is a reasonable and clinically valid treatment approach that would likely reduce the progression of Covid-19 illness so that hospitalization should not be required. This treatment protocol is primarily for the pre-hospital setting, even though it may be effective early in hospitalization.
  1. Any patient with shortness of breath and any other Covid-19 symptoms is treated.
  2. Any patient in a high-risk category with even mild Covid-19 symptoms is treated.
  3. Young, healthy and low risk patients even with mild symptoms are not treated with this protocol, unless they also develop shortness of breath or hypoxia
The outpatient treatment for a 120 to 200-pound adult is as follows (but adjusting doses proportionately for weights below or above that average adult weight):
  1. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200 mg twice a day for 5 days
  2. Zinc 50 mg (of elemental zinc) once a day simultaneous with HCQ for 5+ days
  3. Azithromycin 500 mg once a day for 5 days
By electronically signing this petition below, I acknowledge that I am willing to use this HZ+A Protocol for my Covid-19 outpatients and/or to ask my physician colleagues who are treating my patients to use this protocol. I understand that the collected petitions will be provided to the President of the United States, requesting appropriate executive orders or other support from him, and to the Governor of my state, asking the Governor to issue executive orders to make sure that these three medications (HZ+A) are available for all patients in my state by physician prescription without concern of retribution toward the prescribing physician by the state medical licensing board or the state pharmacy board.


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