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Petition for MATH+ inpatient Covid-19 Tx v5

Petition for: MATH+ Protocol
(Treatment Protocol #2 for Covid-19 Inpatients)

Background: The death rate from Covid-19 is still higher in the USA than in several other countries (such as Japan, India, Taiwan & Singapore). There is good evidence that the death rate in the USA could be reduced by providing more effective care for inpatients with Covid-19 before they become ill enough to require intensive care unit. The MATH+ protocol used by the Covid-19 Critical Care Working Group ( on Covid-19 inpatients appears to be saving lives. Ongoing clinical evaluation and data collection from the doctors who are part of the Covid-19 Critical Care Working Group can make the MATH+ protocol better & better with time, especially if Covid-19 patients are treated VERY soon after hospital admission. The protocol is based on numerous medical journal publications over decades. It is the hyper- inflammation, not the virus itself, that damages the lungs and other organs and ultimately causes death in COVID-19 patients, along with clot formation. The doctors using this MATH+ protocol have found it to be a highly-effective combination therapy in controlling clots and the extreme inflammatory response in the hospital setting.
On the website of Paul Marik MD (one of the originators of the MATH+ protocol), quercetin is recommended (liposomal is best) as a zinc ionophore with each dose of zinc and ascorbic acid: and this website provides 140 refences from the peer-reviewed literature as a scientific basis for this MATH+ protocol.
Using the MATH+ protocol, Paul Marik MD reports a 6.1% mortality in 194 hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Virginia and Joe Varon MD had 4.2% mortality in 165 Houston patients compared to a 24% worldwide hospital mortality and 21% mortality in New York City for hospitalized COVID-19 patients ( An in-hospital study looking only at the IV Methylprednisolone component of the MATH+ protocol for COVID-19 patients ( showed better outcome than standard of care. A similar benefit on mortality was found with Methylprednisolone in a study on hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Italy (
  • If patient has low oxygen saturation on nasal cannula, initiate heated, high-flow nasal cannula.
  • Do not hesitate to increase flow limits as needed (but humidify the oxygen)
  • Avoid early intubation that is based solely on oxygen requirements. Allow “permissive hypoxemia” as tolerated.
  • Intubate only if patient demonstrates excessive work of breathing.
  • Utilize “prone positioning” to help improve oxygen saturation.
By electronically signing this petition below, By electronically signing this petition below, I acknowledge that I am willing to use this MATH+ Protocol for my Covid-19 inpatients and/or to ask my physician colleagues who are treating my patients to use this protocol in the hospital. I understand that the collected petitions will be provided to the President of the United States, requesting appropriate executive orders or other support from him, and to the Governor of my state, asking the Governor to issue executive orders to make sure that the MATH+ medications are available for all patients in my state by physician prescription without blocking by a hospital pharmacy committee or the hospital physician privileges committee and without concern of retribution toward the prescribing physician by the state medical licensing board or the state pharmacy board.


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